Building Your Next Adventure!

We currently are not taking on clients!

We are a family business that specializes in designing, creating, and building high quality school bus conversions!

With an increased popularity in tiny living and building our own bus conversion, we saw the need for this type of service. We combine the resourcefulness of an existing structure on wheels and tailor it to our clients needs!

Our full conversions typically start around $65,000 with price fluctuation based on many details from size of structure, design, materials use. We custom build everything. We are happy to work with clients budget needs.

Our Story

It all started where we needed a change! Jeff was working full time many times doing overtime to get nowhere. We were living in Florida at the time, owned our home for 18yrs in a neighborhood that wasn't where we wanted to raise our children anymore. A lot of things change in 18 years. We decided lets do something risky that we would never do! Lets get a school bus, convert it into a tiny home over the next 11 months and move to the mountains of Western North Carolina to a small town called Hot Springs. For us this was a crazy and challenging thing to do since our son Noah was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. He was 18 in a wheel chair, with a trach and feeding tube. We had to make sure all equipment would work at all times and have a space designed that would meet his needs. So we took the chance, we would never know if it would work or not unless we gave it a shot. In February of 2106 we moved in. We started a small homestead of growing our own food and a few farm animals. Our bus feels so much like home. I do not miss living in a "house", I love living in a small cozy space with my family. 

Through Facebook and Instagram we were getting inquiries to convert others dreams of living in school bus home a reality. A few of our clients were the couple from Expedition Happiness, and Justin and Rebekah Rhodes who filmed the documentary The Great American Farm Tour. Sadly during the Rhodes conversion our son Noah passed away. We had great support from them during this horrific time for our family. Through Justin's Youtube channel we have inquired a lot of interest in bus conversions. Our heart and souls are into bus converting, working closely with our customers, where they become family. 


You can follow our current projects through our Instagram and Facebook pages.